Who We Are

"Nothing breaks down barriers like making friends. It is hard to hate when you come to understand another, when you realize that even though you come from a different society and your cultures are different, all people fundamentally want the same things." - Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi


InterContinental Concerts was founded in 2011 by Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi (musician, inventor & entrepreneur) and Sam Mosallaeipour while living in Cyprus island. During that time, they had made many friends from many nations. Inspired by this cultural kaleidoscope, the two decided to put together a team of dedicated artists committed to using music and the performing arts to create a positive impact on their community.

Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi

Founder, Producer & Music Composer

Shahed is an Iranian award winning world fusion composer, media producer, inventor and entrepreneur. Playing the Santur by the age of eight, his musical talent was apparent from an early age. Soon after, he picked up a special interest in music composition and audio recording. As a Maestro, he has recorded several patents and won various awards for music, invention and innovation.

Through InterContinental Concerts, Shahed brings international artists from around the world together to produce unique music pieces and shows.

“By living in a multicultural environment in Cyprus and observing talented people from different nationalities with different cultures and skills, I opted to create a media program designed in an artistic form to accommodate diverse skills and talents in the arts. This culminated in the establishment of InterContinental Concerts in 2011.”

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Sam Mosallaeipour

Founder, Project Manager

Sam is a visionary director and project manager. With a keen combination of leadership skills and artistic talents, Sam is an efficient and highly effective project leader working in various disciplines including music production. Sam’s stellar track record is proof of his ability to effectively manage and direct high-quality projects from start to finish.

“The positive effect of music on human behavior is a proven phenomenon. As a person who loves music and the performing arts, I always had the desire to impact my society through music and help people connect with one another. Being in an international environment provided me the chance to meet a highly talented and creative person, Shahed M. Zonoozi, who shared similar concerns. This encounter eventually led to creation of the Inter-Continental Concerts.”

“If you have an ability, you have a responsibility”

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